Friday, January 16, 2009

Video from Disney

I know that I have a lot of blogging to catch up on but I have had a special request for the following video. So Grandma Marshall enjoy!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Long Time Gone

I apologize that it has been so long since I have written or posted pictures it has been a whirl wind of a month. I will start by saying that we are moving to Okinawa!! We are VERY excited about the new adventure. Steve is looking forward to flying KC-135's in the Pacific. We will be leaving Florida a week from today and we will be spending four months in Oklahoma where Steve will be learning to fly the KC-135. Jackson and I are hoping to do a lot of traveling during this time and we hope to see many of you before we will be leaving for Okinawa at the beginning of June. So that is our big news!

Well now for what you really come to see and hear about...JACKSON!! He is doing awesome. Over Thanksgiving we were able to take a trip down to Sanibel, FL with Steve's parents and his cousin Ben. We enjoyed hanging out at the beach and the heated pool and Jackson enjoyed all of the attention. He really started walking while we were down there and also had his first "real run in" with a coffee table. While we were there we were blessed taht Aunt Mary and Uncle Mark were at their house in Naples and they were able to come over for lunch. Jackson enjoyed seeing them after warming up and we enjoyed catching up and hearing of their stories from Okinawa. We tried taking him for his first bike ride but he hated the helmet and would not even try to enjoy the bike ride. We enjoyed visiting with the grandparents.

After we came back from Sanibel I had one more week before I would be finished with my student teaching. It was so bittersweet to be finished. I was glad to be finishing up the last step towards graduation but sad to be leaving the class that I have grown to love. They threw me a nice surprise party for my last day. That same day was also Jackson's last day at daycare. He was sad to leave his friends and all of the lovely ladies at the CDC were sad to see him leave. We miss them all so much. But I am glad to back at home with Jackson during the day and learning all about him and teaching him new things.

I graduated on December 13th and the whole family was able to come in for the celebration and it was so great to hear the cheers when they called my name. Thank you all for supporting me and being here for me. It was a long journey but making it through while pregnant and then as a Mom made me realize that if I put my mind to it I can accomplish anything. I would like to thank you, Jackson, for your sacrifice that you had to make over the last year. After graduation on the 14th we left for our trip to Disney World! Many of you read Kate's baby site so I will try to give you the run down kind of like that.

We left that next day we make the drive to Orlando it was an eight hour drive and I have to say that both of the kiddos did great. We stayed at Shades of Green on the Disney property and it was so nice. I would recommend it and I am sure that we will stay there again when we go back

On day one we went to Disney Hollywood Studios. My mom was picked for a street performance where she played a lady in distress. It was fantastic and very funny since we had just walked in the park. Steve and I enjoyed riding the rides, Aerosmith Rockin’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror, thanks to Courtney and Dad watching Jackson. Jackson enjoyed sliding down the slide at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. He loved the parade that we saw that day the Pixar characters were great and Jackson loved the music. He also enjoyed the back lot tour and the dancing Christmas lights and seeing the “snow” for the first time. That night we ate at the German Gardens and Jackson LOVED the music. I think that he danced more than he actually ate.

Day two we headed to the Animal Kingdom. Jackson rode the safari ride and every animal that he saw was a “dog” or “da” to him. We are working on more animals. J We went to a Lion King performance where Joe was picked to lead our section in an elephant noise. Maybe not the best noise but wonderful job on hamming it up! And if you asked Jackson what animals we saw…more dogs. Poor Simba he would be so offended if he was called a dog. We saw another parade that day. Jackson loved walking the parade route before it started and he enjoyed waving at Mickey and Minnie.

Day three the long awaited Magic Kingdom. (at least for me) Jackson and Kate both got their first haircuts at this cute little barber shop. They make a big deal about it with a certificate and pixie dust and even give them their own Mickey ears that say "First haircut". I know that he had a snip of a haircut in Ohio but we had to do it again. And this time they were able to take a bit more off. And right now he has gotten a lot more hair. At least for him, maybe not as much as other 14 month olds. He also sat still while we had someone cut his silhouette onto a black sheet of paper. I am so excited to find a place in the new house to hang it. WE got to meet Mickey and Minnie at Mickey’s house and we enjoyed riding the Tea Cups, Dumbo, and Small World with Jackson. The adults minus Courtney, pregnancy can keep you from the AWESOME rides, rode Space Mountain which did not disappoint.

Day four final day and we are off to Epcot. We rode the Land ride and toured the different countries. We especially enjoyed touring Japan and eating at the Tokyo restaurant. I enjoyed visiting the stores and thinking about all the great things that we are going to do and see in Okinawa. The adults again enjoyed the rides. I highly recommend Souring and the Test Track. Both were very awesome!

We all left Friday morning and after a LONG drive back home because Jackson picked up the flu (which he later gave to Steve and I) and threw up the entire way back home. Jackson had so much fun with his Honey and Papa where they were sweet enough to let Jackson and Kate stay in their suite every night and fed them breakfast in the morning, we loved sleeping in. We were able to celebrate an early Christmas with the family and Papa read The Night Before Christmas to the kiddos, as well as the three big kiddos that enjoy the story every year!

We got back home and got back to business preparing for the move. We spent Christmas together just the three of us. It was sad not being with family but it was so great to see Jackson open up the gifts and read stories with him. We had our great friends Taris and Estee over for a great Christmas feast. We enjoyed time with friends playing games, and great phone calls with family. Steve and I got a new camera for the family so there are lots of pictures to come. We enjoyed a visit the day after Christmas from Mark (Jackson’s God Father) and Olga. It was so great to see them and spend time before they leave for Germany and we leave for Okinawa.

The movers have already come and picked up our long term storage (the stuff that will stay in storage here in the states). Grandma and Grandpa Marshall were able to come for a week and were here over New Years. They helped Steve and I fix all final projects so that we would have the house prepared to rent out. It all paid off because before the house was even listed on the market it rented. We are so excited and what a relief!

Jackson is really coming into his own and he seems to be growing up more and more each day. His face looks like a little man now and not a baby. It is really starting to make us laugh…on purpose. Some of the things that he is doing that you would like to know and I don’t want to forget:

· He has this face that he makes when he wants to make you laugh…we have dubbed it the “silly face”.

· He loves to play “where is Jackson”. That is when he will cover his eyes until he is ready for you to “see” him.

· He is walking great and is much steadier. When we were in Disney he walked but kept his arms up in a “get your guns up” kind of way. Now he walks with his arms down and even does well walking around with his sippy cup.

· He loves to help vacuum, I am going to have to get him one when we get to our new home.

· He loves to go outside and he will let you know that by saying door or pronounced “dough” and saying open or “oooo”.

· He loves to find the dogs. He is so smart and I can ask him to go to his room and he will walk to his room. He will also walk to his chair when I ask him if he wants to eat. It helps not having to carry him.

· He does not like it when you are on the computer and he will come to you and close it.

· He also thinks that when we get into the car that I should always play his music and always says please.

· He has picked up a couple of new signs, please and thank you! He is so polite!

· He loves to try and put his shoes on.

· He loves to take hats off and he is starting to like putting them on himself.

· He sticks his tongue out and presses his lips down and walks around.

· I love that when he stands up in the bath tub and I tell him to sit down he will sit himself right back down.

· When he is finished he like to throw his food on the floor or hand it to Alex.

· He loves to knock down block towers that someone else has built.

· He feels like he always needs to make noise. Whether it is nice noises or ugly noises as we would say in this house.

I hope that you have enjoyed that catch up on the Marshall family and I hope that you will all keep us in your prays as we embark on the first part of our move.



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