Thursday, April 29, 2010


The other morning when we were skyping with my Mom and brother, Joe, they were "pretending" to play baseball with each other. Jackson would throw the ball and Joe would pretend to catch it. Every time Jackson threw the play he would have to yell "home run" and then run around the coffee table. He found his glove about halfway through the game and I couldn't help but be shocked and surprised to find him wearing the baseball glove the correct way. His Dad, Papa, Grandpa, Uncle Joe, and Uncle Ian would be so proud.

He wouldn't stand still long enough for me to get a picture of him with the glove.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Last Sunday morning Jackson came to the side of his bed, like he does every morning, and informed me that he wanted to go to Shoppette.

Me: What are we going to get at the Shoppette?

Jackson: Donuts

Me: Donuts?

Jackson: Yes, pink donuts.

Me: Okay let's go.

Jackson knows just how to get the 31 week pregnant Mama out of bed. The Dunkin Donuts is right next to the shoppette so we really didn't have to go there. And Dunkin Donuts is no Krispy Kreme but I am still a fan. Jackson likes the Strawberry Frosted or Vanilla Frosted with "prinkles". Jackson still isn't putting the s sound at the beginning of words.

When I called Steve that morning to tell him the story he laughed and said, "Oh Jackson wants donuts?" He thought that I wanted to use Jackson as an excuse for a craving. Ha Ha!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A few updates on Jackson, little man, and I. Right now I am getting beat up from the inside out. The last couple of days he has been streaching out as much as he can and it is getting rather painful. It is getting a little more difficult to sleep and I haven't been able to sleep as much as I would like. Either Jackson or little man will wake me up. We are all very ready for Steve to come home.

Everyone is growing like they should. A few updates on Jackson, the weekend after Steve left back at the end of March Jackson's ear drum ruptured. We went to the ER that night due to the lovely drainage coming out of his ear. They gave us some antibiotics and we nursed it at home. We then had a follow up appointment with his pediatrication and I told her that I wanted to talk about putting another tube back in because I didn't want this happening again. So we are awaiting the appointment with the ENT on May 10th.

A little background on the ears; anyone who knows this poor child knows we have been dealing with ear infections since birth. Last April he had tubes placed in both ears and when we arrived on the island last summer he got an ear infection. It was then that we were told that his right tube had fallen out. GREAT!!! That is only supposed to happen when the ears are ready to do what they need to do on their own and his right ear is this bad ear and was not ready. We have had a total of four ear infections an ear drum rupture since arriving on the island.

Jackson is talking up a storm and it is great to hear him counting more freely and singing songs. If you ask his Honey and Papa they will tell you that he will not perform for anyone. My Dad always asks if he would like to sing a song and Jackson will shake his head and say no. And when my Mom or Steve's Mom asks him to count he won't do that either. He is strong welled and things have to be done on his terms. He surprised me the other day in the car when he was naming people and told me that his name was Jackson Charles. Now he has been able to tell me that his name is Jackson Marshall for a while but I didn't want to confuss him by talking about a middle name. I was so surprised! He surprises me everyday. I need to start carrying a notepad around and writing down the things that he says when he says them because he makes me laugh.

The little insider is doing great. I had one of my latest doctors appointment this past Friday and his heartbeat was great and he is moving around a lot like he should. I do not want to wish him out early but I can't wait to meet his little man. We still have a lot to do with his nursery but he will be rooming in with us for a while so we will enlist the help of Courtney and my Mom if time is running out. I hope to get much more done once Steve is back.

29 Weeks (Easter)

30 Weeks

31 Weeks All three of us at the Zoo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Want Daddy!

This is Jackson's new favorite line. Steve left three weeks ago and we are at the half way point of this trip that he is on. When Steve got back from his deployment Jackson would not leave his side. So I knew that this trip was going to take a toll on Jackson. Since the first day that he left "I want Daddy" has been his favorite line. When he doesn't get what he wants he will tell me that he wants Daddy. When he is bored it is "I want Daddy". The other day we were driving back from a trip up north and in the hour long ride home I heard him say that about 20 times. You think that I am kidding but it was a LONG ride home and I had time to count them. I will always tell him that I know he wants Daddy but Daddy is at work. We are able to talk to Steve everyday and today we were able to skype with him for the first time in a couple of weeks. We always call Steve when Jackson is upset but that doesn't help. We are both very excited and can't wait for Steve to come home.

Bedtime Stories

This is quite the story to tell. Over the last couple of nights Jackson has been throwing huge fits when it is time for bed. He tells me that he wants to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed. I have let him fall asleep in our bed a couple of times while Steve has been away but move him back to his room when I am ready to go to bed. That kid kicks!!! You see the problem is not just him asking to sleep there it is the screaming at me, stomping his feet, refusing to even walk into his room fit that he throws when I even mention bedtime. I decided I could not keep letting him do this because we are going to start a bad habit. So a couple of nights ago I put him in his room and closed the gate. Now to those of you lock your child in his room? Yes because our bedrooms are on the third floor so we have to keep him safe.

After closing the gate he was standing there crying like he was never going to see me again. I walk back down stairs. About 15 minutes late I can his footsteps crossing across the floor. When I go back up stairs this is what I find....

I am going to enter the child in the strongest baby contest because he was able to bust down the gate. And the footsteps that I heard were him carrying his blanket, pillow, and ALL his bedtime pals from his bed to mine.

I have to give it to him. He was determined to get out of that room and found a way out. I guess we can't say that he doesn't have problem solving skills.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scroll Down

Faithful Honey. I am in the process of updating a bunch so keep scrolling so that you can see everything. Thanks for stopping by.


Welcome Home Daddy!!

Well after a 2 month long deployment we were very happy to welcome back Steve on February 8th. It was tough time without him. Jackson did great while he was gone and I don't think that he really believed me when I told him that Daddy was going to be coming home. The crew was delayed a bit so you will have to forgive the night time photos. Jackson was so excited to have him home for about a month and we were sad to have to send him away again but we are looking forward to another reunion soon.

We have missed you!!!!

On the bus on the way to the flight line.

Yelling "Hi Daddy" as the plane is parking.

The boys are back in town!

There were so many cameras we are all looking in different directions.

Riding the Bus

Listen to the excitement!!

Cherry Blossoms

Back in January we went up north to Nago to check out the Cherry Blossoms. I am so far behind on my blogging that this is what has to happen. Thank goodness for Spring Break and a little time to catch up. We had a great time with Courtney, the girls, and a couple of girlfriends and their kiddos. It was cold and pouring down rain when we left the base. We were only going about 45 Kilometers north but it was gorgeous when we got there and I had to take Jackson's sweater off. Unfortunately I didn't dress for that weather. So is the weather here in Okinawa. You never know what you are going to get.

My sweet Jack. I couldn't resist this picture his eyes look gorgeous. Look out ladies!!!

The beautiful cherry blossoms.

This is the view from the castle where the cherry blossoms were. Sometimes I can't believe that I live here.

A funny story about this hat. I told him that he needed to wear it because he is so fair skinned. But he decided that he wanted to wear it backwards. I didn't know where this was coming from because no one at our house wears a hat backwards. That doesn't mean that someone in the family doesn't wear theirs backwards. He informed he that was wearing his hat like Uncle E E. That is what he calls Ian.

These type of wooden signs are EVERYWHERE here. Jackson has really started to like taking his picture in them so I am sure that you will be seeing more of them throughout our time here on the island.

Too Cute!!!

There are so many things that I love about my little man but here are two reasons I love him so much that I have caught on film.

I don't know where he gets this ODC about having his cars lined up but I love it.

I love that he loves to share. He will share a cookie with his Mama but it cracks me up that he felt that he needed to share his boots with Kate.

On a side note he must wear these boots when he "plays" football! Ha Ha!!! If he finds the nerf football he will run to find the boots. He won't play without the boots.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Can't Wait

I can't wait to meet this new little man that is going to be coming into our family. I have been enjoying all the kicking, punching, dancing, and everything else he must be doing on the inside. This baby is a lot more active than Jackson ever was. He likes to party starting around 9:00 pm. Sometimes he moves so much and hard that it hurts a bit. We are now 29 weeks. Courtney took a belly shot of me a couple of days ago so I am waiting to get those photos from her. When I do I will post a photo.

This pregnancy is so different that it was with Jackson. With Jackson I wasn't working, didn't have a two year old, and Steve was actually around. And with Jackson my allergies were GONE!! It was awesome. But this baby has decided that it wants to ruin my skin. My ezcema is so bad with now. So if you see pictures where I am not wearing makeup you will know why. I am unable to right now.

Well when Steve is away he will tell you that his wallet will pay! I have been busy getting ready for the baby. Now most of you would say but you are having another boy, what could you need? Well friends, Steve and I didn't know where we would be living when we first moved here and when were packing up the house in FL so many people told us that we wouldn't have storage. Since we weren't pregnant when we left we didn't bring any baby stuff. Lucky for us Courtney still had to bring all her baby stuff since Emma was so young. So all the big thing we have covered but now I get to have fun buying all the little things. I didn't know about Etsy when I was pregnant with Jackson but I love it now. I have ordered many things on there already and I love what I got today. I thought that I would share it with you. I can't wait to put this on our little guy.


I know that I haven't put many pictures up of Jackson, or any photos really lately, but I thought that I would share this new phase that we are going through. Every time I take the camera out he loves to make this face and says cheese between his teeth.

I know that everyone does this but it is really funny.

Jackson is really interested in the ever growing belly. Every time that we drive by the hospital where I will give birth and where I had the ultrasound he will point out that is where Mommy goes to the doctor and where he saw the baby on TV. The other night I was lying on the couch and the baby started moving around ALOT so I asked Jackson if he want to feel the baby kick. He came running over and after about 5 seconds the baby let out a big kick to his big bro. Now Jackson will come over to me and put his hands on my belly and say "Hi baby Marshall, come out play with me." Then he will wait to see if he gets a kick.

The baby Marshall thing is something that he has been doing. Kate calls him by his first and last name when she wants his attention so he learned his name quickly. Now he knows everyones first and last name. Jackson Marshall, baby Marshall, Mommy Marshall, and Daddy Marshall. He also can name everyone in the Slazinik family. He even says Kate's name the same way she says it. If you haven't heard it check it out.



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