Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Last Sunday morning Jackson came to the side of his bed, like he does every morning, and informed me that he wanted to go to Shoppette.

Me: What are we going to get at the Shoppette?

Jackson: Donuts

Me: Donuts?

Jackson: Yes, pink donuts.

Me: Okay let's go.

Jackson knows just how to get the 31 week pregnant Mama out of bed. The Dunkin Donuts is right next to the shoppette so we really didn't have to go there. And Dunkin Donuts is no Krispy Kreme but I am still a fan. Jackson likes the Strawberry Frosted or Vanilla Frosted with "prinkles". Jackson still isn't putting the s sound at the beginning of words.

When I called Steve that morning to tell him the story he laughed and said, "Oh Jackson wants donuts?" He thought that I wanted to use Jackson as an excuse for a craving. Ha Ha!!

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