Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Leaving Altus

Good-bye Altus OK. I have an entire post that I would like to write about this adventure that we have had the last almost six months. But right now I wanted to let all of you that read this blog that we are leaving tomorrow morning with a stop over in Little Rock. We are excited to see my Maw-Maw and my two aunts tomorrow when we get to town. The next day we are off to St. Louis and then the third and final day we are headed to Ohio. I will continue to blog up until the day that we leave for Okinawa, which is July 5th. I will update when I can and let you know about the road trip. Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers for safe travel.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Step Closer

Today the movers came and picked up our stuff that we brought with us to Altus, OK.  I didn't really even realize how much stuff we had accumulated while we had been here.  Out poor little TLF looks so naked right now and doesn't even look like we have been here for almost six months.  I can't believe that we have been living in this hotel like set up for that long.  Steve has his check ride on Monday and then we will be checking out and heading out of Altus.  I have enjoyed my time here and have made some great lifelong friends.  It will be sad to leave my friends.  I am looking forward to looking for a house in Okinawa and setting up our house.  I know the flight is going to be long....13 hours just to get to Tokyo but I starting to think that it might not be as I imagine it to be.  I will be able to let you know how it all goes because we take off on July 5th.  I am very much looking forward to seeing my parents that will be coming up to DC and see us the weekend of the 4th.  So Altus, this is our last weekend with you and then we will be parting ways, hopefully for a very, very long time.  


Poor baby Jack has been running a fever this evening ever since we came back from the pool.  We have been going to pool for the last three days after he has a great nap.  He is really enjoying the pool and loves when Lyssa helps him "swim".  She has been giving him some lessons at the pool and I am enjoying learning a few pointers that I can use later.

This evening Jackson was sitting on my lap, he turns into a snuggle bug when he is sick, and he was giving me snuggles and he pulled back and gave me a give and then asked for more.  I asked him if he wanted more snuggles and he said more and gave a snuggle.  It was too cute.  He loves to ask for more.  More trucks on the road, more babies on TV, more airplanes in the air, more dogs when we are on a walk.  It doesn't matter what it is and I have to tell him to keep looking.  :)

Very Patriotic

Jackson loves his country already and knows the respect that it deserves.  For those of you that have ever been on a Military base at 4:30 know that the National Anthem plays everyday.  All cars have to stop, kids have to get out of the pool and if you are outside you stop and salute the flag.  Here is Jackson with his hand or hands over his heart.  

Friday, June 19, 2009

Yogi Jack

This is how you can tell that you have taken your child to a few too many Yoga classes.  :)

He rolled out the mat and rolled it back up by himself!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere!

Jackson loves to blow bubbles and out neighbor across the quad, Sara, had a huge bottle of bubbles that Jackson wanted.  We were all sitting on our porch this morning and he walked over to her porch picked up the bubbles and tried carrying them over.  In the picture he is only half way to our house but you can see Sara's "house" in the background.  He was getting so much because he couldn't carry the entire way....it was heavy!
After he got it over to out porch he sweet talked Sara into helping him bow bubbles.  I am sure that she is going to enjoy this picture of her on here.  Jackson did a great job blowing the bubbles all by himself.
And this is what is looks like when you let a one year old blow bubbles by himself.  I think that he did more shaking of the wand trying to get bubbles to come out than actual blowing of the bubbles.  This is the first picture that I have of him winking.  I don't think that he was actually winking but it sure is cute.

Monday, June 15, 2009

19 Months

I know every mother says this but I can't believe that our little man is already 19 months old. I was telling Steve yesterday that mean that he is closer to two years old than he is to one. It is so sad. It is also sad to look at his cute little face and see more of a little man than a baby. He definately is not a baby anymore. He repeats words that I say and he has learned to open the front door of our TLF. When people knock on the door it is kind of nice to be able to ask Jackson to open the door. (Of course I can see who it is from the window next to the door.)
It has been so hot here the last couple of days that we had to stay inside in the afternoons. That is usually the time that we sit outside on the rocking chairs with Lyssa and Sara. Today we spent the afternoon doing through all of our stuff that we have acumulated while being here at Altus trying to decide what we are going to carry on the plane and what the movers will take. The movers come on Tuesday and we will be leaving here on Saturday. I can't believe that either. And when I say that we are packing might I add that Jackson was unpacking up we had just packed. Thanks Jackson you are so helpful! :)

Where is Mama's nose?

Monday, June 8, 2009


Jackson loves to point out all bugs right now. The other day we had some ants that had decided to make their way into our TLF. I find these little visitors unwanted and I was trying to find the source of entry and Jackson kept yelling "ants, ants". I thought that it was so funny when he picked up my wallet and started hitting the floor and saying "ants". I guess he feels the same way that I do about the outside bugs being inside. (I have a video and when we get somewhere that has good internet I will upload it.)

He has become quite a little man and talker. He repeats everything that I say and he points out everything. He has also become a ladies man. Our neighbors here at the TLF that we hang with Lyssa and Sara are his new girlfriends. Mind you these ladies are spouses here and friends of mine but he has won their heart. He loves to hold their hands, sit on their laps, and he will cry if they leave before he is ready for them to. He is probably using them to get to their dogs who he loves so much. Maddie or as Jackson would say Mad Mad and Riley who Jackson calls Ry Ry and Ryla. I need to get pictures of them for Jackson to have to remember them.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'll show you!

We have been talking up the potty lately and trying to get Jackson excited to start trying to potty train. The other morning we were all up and Steve was getting ready to go to work and I had just gotten up and Jackson went to sit on his potty. When he sits on the potty though he always wants to have his clothes on but this day I was able to get him to sit on the potty with no diaper. He didn't go while on the potty, which is fine with me but he went out into the hall way and peed all in the hallway. I guess it will all come in due time. He has gotten better over the last couple of days. Although today we was pooping in his diaper and we asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty and he said "no, no, diaper". Oh no we are in trouble.

Too cool for the potty!!



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