Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere!

Jackson loves to blow bubbles and out neighbor across the quad, Sara, had a huge bottle of bubbles that Jackson wanted.  We were all sitting on our porch this morning and he walked over to her porch picked up the bubbles and tried carrying them over.  In the picture he is only half way to our house but you can see Sara's "house" in the background.  He was getting so much because he couldn't carry the entire was heavy!
After he got it over to out porch he sweet talked Sara into helping him bow bubbles.  I am sure that she is going to enjoy this picture of her on here.  Jackson did a great job blowing the bubbles all by himself.
And this is what is looks like when you let a one year old blow bubbles by himself.  I think that he did more shaking of the wand trying to get bubbles to come out than actual blowing of the bubbles.  This is the first picture that I have of him winking.  I don't think that he was actually winking but it sure is cute.

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