Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Down you go!

Today Jackson and I went to a park that is near Honey and Papa's house. It was a really nice park and it was the first time that Jackson was able to go down a slide all by himself. There were steps that he had to climb up and then he was able to sit himself down and slide down. I was able to catch a couple of photos of him doing it by himself. It is times like this that I just can't believe that he is getting so big and that he is able to do more and more things by himself. I miss my baby, but I am so proud of my little man.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lord of the Dance!

When I first got to my parents house I saw on a commercial that the Lord of the Dance was going to be in town while I was there. I was so excited about the show. I have seen it before but my Mom has not so I decided to buy us tickets to go and see it for our Mother’s Day gift. We had the best time watching the show and it makes me wish I was still dancing. I miss it and loved watching all the dancers this evening. I cannot wait to introduce Jackson to some more of the Irish traditions. Jackson got to spend some man time with Papa while we were out. I am sure that he enjoyed his evening as much as Mom and I did. I was so glad to spend a night with my Mom!

Farmer Jack

Jackson spent the entire afternoon after church outside with Honey and Papa. Papa was spreading mulch and Jackson wanted to help.
The neighbors brought out their motorcycle and Jackson wanted to go over and see it so he helped them wash it and then they let him sit on it.
At the end of the day Jackson was covered in filth and Honey gave him a "redneck shower".

So very much not a fan!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mr. Outdoors

Jackson lives for his walks with Papa.
Trying to figure out sidewalk chalk.

He loved this bike...I think we need to get one!A true Cubbie!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Miracle League

The first Friday that we were here we went to watch a local youth league baseball game through the Miracle League. It is a baseball leagues that children with disabilities can play in. I found this in the Cary News that tells a little bit about it:
“This is so great because these kids get to play in an organized sport, something that they normally wouldn’t be able to do,” league manager Stara Porrazzo said. “Now they can be a part of something that their friends at school are a part of, and that really means a lot to them.”

The rules of Miracle League baseball are different from those of other baseball leagues. Every player bats once each inning, all base runners are safe and every player scores a home run before the inning is over.

Games consist of two innings and always end in a tie.
Also, each player is assigned a buddy who assists the players with batting, catching, throwing and running. They are supposed to allow the players as much freedom as possible to play their own game while still supervising them at all times.

That is the easiest way for me to let you know about it. It was so great to see all of the children hasing a great time and my Dad was a buddy to one of the kids. All the kids have nicknames and a song that plays as they approach home plate to bat. My Dad's buddy was "Rocketman". He did not enjoy my Dad's singing. :)
Jackson had a great time running around and seeing all the kids at the game. He also liked to cheer for Bubba as he went out onto the field and up to bat.

After the game we went to eat at a Mexican Resurant and Jackson enjoyed himself as you can see.

The kid LOVES the salsa!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am very far behind on the blogging since we arrived in NC three weeks ago but we made it out here on the 21st of April to spend time with Honey and Papa and for Joe's college graduation. I have a whole list of things that I want to blog about so give me a couple of days to catch up.

I still have not been able to post the video of Jackson saying "Papa" but he has gotten so much better at talking since we have been here. Although "Papa" has now turned into "Bubba". Jackson likes to look for Bubba around the house and when he finds something of his he will bring it to me and say "Bubba?". With which you have to answer "yes that is Bubba's." Or he will keep asking.

He still can not say Honey but sometimes calls her Mama, Bubba, or Mama Bubba. So silly!! He can point to everyone in the family but is working on names. He sure has had a blast with all the extra attention and spoiling!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We are Leaving on a Jet Plane!

I have been trying to take a couple of trips the last couple of months to help condition Jackson for the 13 hour plane ride that we are about to embark on. In March we went to Spokane to see the Slazinik's when Kate was born and we left today to go to Honey and Papa's house. Jackson flies well and the only really complaint I have have is that he chooses to fall asleep the last 15 minutes of the flight. Jackson is very excited to see Bubba this week. We will be out here for three weeks. It is going to be our last trip home before we head over to Okinawa!

On the plane eating his snacks!

Trying to show the guy the planes!

Honey and Papa here I come!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home, Home on the Range!

We decided we wanted to drive out to the world famous Meers.

It has been on the food network as one of the best places to go and get a burger. It is about an hour drive up there so we decided to take a tour through the wild life refuge that you have to drive through to get there. Jackson thought that they were horses and keep saying "eeehhh" (that is the sound the horse makes). :) Crossing the road...a little too close for comfort!

Channeling my friend Estee I took pictures of burger. The burgers were pretty big and we didn't even get the biggest ones!

Jackson and I waiting on our burgers!

Steve and his comes cut in quarters!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A new hobby

Reading and Riding!

The Fort!

Playing with the laptop in the fort!

Trying to get out from under!

The fort is moving!

King of the World!

Shirt of Many Uses!

This morning Jackson found one of my tank tops and decided to find out how many uses he could find for it!It is a cape.An apron.

And a hood!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday!!

What a busy couple of weeks we have had since we have been home from Spokane....who am I kidding, we live in Altus. :) Well we have been trying to stay busy the best way that we can. Jackson did so well with the surgery of getting his tubes in. Even though he screamed the entire way over to hour because he was starving and wanted his milk. They took us back into the room to talk to us at 9:00 and we walked out of the building at 9:50. They were awesome and Jackson didn't even cry when they took him into the OR. He didn't wake up from the anesthesia very well but he slept on the way home and was himself the rest of the day. Steve said that if I had not told him that Jackson had surgery he would never have known. I was so proud of the little guy.

We have met a few people here in the TLF which has been nice for both Jackson and Momma. I have met a friend across the quad and we had dinner with them the other night. Jackson is enjoying playing with the kiddos here. Unfortunatly they are all 4 and 5 so they don't really like him hanging around but Jackson thinks they are so funny.

Jackson's vocabulary has really blown up this past couple of weeks. We are not sure if it is because of the tubes or just because he is seventeen months old now. (Jackson had some hearing loss from the ear infections and the tubes are supposed to help with the hearing loss.) He said "Papa" on Wednesday and "Hi" yesterday. He is really trying out new words and new sounds. It is so fun to hear him master a word!

We are very excited to be heading out to Honey and Papa's house on Tuesday. I know Jackson is going to love all of the extra attention and I am going to enjoy a little bit of the break that I get while we are out there. Courtney, Kate, and Emma will also be coming out to NC while we are there to help celebrate with Joe as he graduates from ECU! YEAH Joe!!! I am sure that after a three week trip out to their house Jackson will come back saying a lot more words.


I can't believe that Jackson is now 17 months old! Last night when I was getting him dressed for bed I was talking to him about visiting Honey and Papa next week and was very surprised to hear him repeat "Papa". Steve and I both looked at each other and could not believe it. I don't know if it has anything to do with his tubes that he got and that he might be able to hear us more clearly but we are excited....and I know that Papa is very excited! This morning we tried to call Papa and as the phone was ringing Jackson said "Hi", another new word. He is growing up so much.

Video to follow...I need to go to Library tomorrow...I hate this TLF with DSL. SO SLOW!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Today we were going to take Jackson to the Easter Egg Hunt here on base. It was suppose to start at 10 am and as we showed up at about three minutes until 10 it was already over. So we went to eat breakfast and then ran to Wal-Mart to get some eggs of our own. We "hide" the eggs out in our "front yard" and let Jackson go to town. He had such a great time collecting the balls, as he would call them. Enjoy the pictures!
Getting ready for the hunt!

The Easter Bunny at the bass wide Easte Egg hunt. Not interested!

The the best way to hunt for the eggs.

So excited about the eggs he has found!



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