Friday, April 3, 2009

Back Home!

Before I started to write this post I was reading back at old posts that I have written throughout the pregnancy with Jackson. I can't believe how far we have come. Jackson has come so far and he is the light of my life. I am so blessed to spend my days with him. He is growing up to be such a little man. So Jackson when you read this later in life you are the best part of my day. I love to hear you call my name, I love your snuggles, hugs, and your kisses. The best are when you stop playing and walk over to just give me a kiss and turn back around and continue playing. I love you!!!

We are all safely back in Oklahoma after a trip to Spokane. Jackson had a great time with his cousin “ate”, Kate. They were the best of friends and Jackson has been missing Kate, Aunt Courtney, and Uncle Ian. We have been working on saying more names. It was so nice to be able to see Honey while we were out at Courtney’s house also. Honey enjoyed giving baths to both of the bigger kiddos. It is so weird to say that Jackson and Kate are the big kiddos. Poor Emma doesn’t know what she has gotten herself into. :) Kate is a great big sister and we talked about Emma with her every day. Even Jackson got in on it. While Kate can say Emma’s name Jackson was content calling her baby. He liked to point out all the things that belonged to the baby. He liked to pat her and give her kisses.

We were all together to celebrate both my mom’s birthday on the 29th and mine on the 30th. For those of you keeping count I am the big 3-0. I officially feel old with a one year old of my own and two nieces. Thank you to Courtney and Ian for the deep fried ice cream cake! It was the first time in a long time that I had been with family on my birthday and it was so nice. We left the next day to come home. Steve was able to pick us up at the airport and Jackson was fantastic. We had a much better trip home than we did going out there. Jackson was a champ after getting up at 4:45 am to catch a flight. He won over all the people sitting around us and the flight attendants. He enjoyed waving at everyone has the came on the plane and also as everyone deplaned. We ate a belated birthday lunch with Steve before we returned to Altus. Jackson has had a bit of an adjustment period with his sleep since we have returned. He does not want to nap as long as I would like for him to. :)

We are preparing and trying to keep Jackson well for his surgery that he will be having on Wednesday for the tubes. We will find out on Tuesday what time his surgery will be. We are hoping that this will not only help get rid of the ear infections but that it will help with his speech. He wants to say a lot more words but with a bit of hearing loss in his right ear it may be preventing him from saying even more words. Although I will tell you that he is very much able to communicate mama, dada, and no, no, no. He likes to tell you no, no, no and shake his finger at us when he doesn’t want something that we are offering. I would like to thank Miss Kate for teaching him these words. :)

Jackson is starting to pick up speed and he is very close to running. He still loves spending as much time outside as possible. The weather is starting to warm up again and we are hoping to hit the zoo tomorrow and let Jackson see all of the animals that we talk about in person.

I forgot to mention in my last post, sorry Steve, that Steve has been selected for promotion to Major. We are very excited about this and we are thinking he will be promoted by the end of the year. We will keep everyone posted.

Enjoy the photos….Courtney’s friend Brittany took some awesome photos of Jackson for us. I was able to be in a couple. We took them on my birthday and they are a great birthday present. So Brittany if you are reading this…I LOVE THEM. I can’t wait to print some out and hang them in my house in Okinawa. You are great!!

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