Saturday, April 25, 2009

Miracle League

The first Friday that we were here we went to watch a local youth league baseball game through the Miracle League. It is a baseball leagues that children with disabilities can play in. I found this in the Cary News that tells a little bit about it:
“This is so great because these kids get to play in an organized sport, something that they normally wouldn’t be able to do,” league manager Stara Porrazzo said. “Now they can be a part of something that their friends at school are a part of, and that really means a lot to them.”

The rules of Miracle League baseball are different from those of other baseball leagues. Every player bats once each inning, all base runners are safe and every player scores a home run before the inning is over.

Games consist of two innings and always end in a tie.
Also, each player is assigned a buddy who assists the players with batting, catching, throwing and running. They are supposed to allow the players as much freedom as possible to play their own game while still supervising them at all times.

That is the easiest way for me to let you know about it. It was so great to see all of the children hasing a great time and my Dad was a buddy to one of the kids. All the kids have nicknames and a song that plays as they approach home plate to bat. My Dad's buddy was "Rocketman". He did not enjoy my Dad's singing. :)
Jackson had a great time running around and seeing all the kids at the game. He also liked to cheer for Bubba as he went out onto the field and up to bat.

After the game we went to eat at a Mexican Resurant and Jackson enjoyed himself as you can see.

The kid LOVES the salsa!!

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