Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tummy Time

We have been working a lot on tummy time with Gavin. He is really starting to enjoy his time on his belly. Jackson has even gotten in on the excitement. Jackson likes to tell him what a good job he is doing and tell him he is a big boy. Today while he was getting in his time I thought I would snap a few photos. Enjoy!!

Got to love the drool shot!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


One more post before I turn in for the night. This mama needs to start going to bed earlier. The early wake up calls come far too quickly. :)

Yesterday I went to the craft market that was being held on base. They do this once a month and it is the closest to shopping American stuff other than the BX. It is a lot of home businesses I love the idea of shopping without having to pay shipping. So on Saturday I ventured up to the base by myself. Which made the shopping trip even better. :)

I came across this great sign that a woman was selling at her booth.

Unfortunately I didn't get the name of her business or her card. I hope she comes back next month because she might just be my new "sign lady". I told her that I had to have this. Steve calls the boys his "best buddies" so of course Jackson mimics everything Steve does. He will come up to Gavin and say "Gavin you my best buddies." It is such a sweet moment. Now every time I look at this sign I will get a warm fuzzy in my heart. I will forever remember him as this little 2 and 1/2 year old that loves his baby brother.

My Little Drummer

After last night we woke up to Jackson so excited about Eisa drummers. Read below about Obon and our evening last night. He found his drum that Daneil gave him and put it around his neck like he was wearing a taiko drum and played his little heart out. When the Eisa drummers play they call out some things in Japanese and Jackson thinks that they just call out "EISA DRUMMER". So at the top of his lungs he is yelling this and pounding on his drummer. He is in LOVE!

Oh the joy!


He is mid sentence but he is so CUTE!!!!


Last night was the beginning of Obon. (Check out this link to read more about what Obon is all about) This is my favorite time of the year to be living in Okinawa. The weather is horrible but the great festivals and traditions are fantastic. I have been waiting for Obon to begin because it is so rich in tradition and my personal favorite, the Eisa drummers that parade through our neighborhood. And last night was the night.

We were outside chatting with our new neighbors and we heard them start up a block from the house. The look on Jackson's face was sheer joy. He is such a fan of Eisa drummers and Shi Shi lions. He took off before I even got my camera out of my bag.

As many of you all know I am learning to shoot on manual but this evening I wasn't able to even try because it was dark and they were moving all around. So excuse the flash and auto focusing.

Jackson is in LOVE with our new neighbors. They have four children, 2 older boys and 2 younger girls. They have really taken to him also and I love that he looks up to them so much. When Jackson sees them outside he will yell "my kids are outside". He is so cute. Here he is with his kid. They walked the route with the drummers together.

Even Gavin got into the spirit. Some of the smaller kiddos were crying from the load drums but not our laid back guy. He enjoyed his hands while watching the drummers.


On Friday night Gavin and I ventured out with Courtney and the girls to one of the local beaches to practice some back lighting. Poor Gavin, it is hard to get pictures of a baby that can't hold his head up or sit up yet so we tried putting him in the basket. You can see that in the latter he is not a fan. Here is what I got. It was great to get some practice and at least I took the model that stays in one place. Ha Ha!! But you sacrifice your blood to the crazy mosquitoes. Ouch! Let me know what you think.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guess Who...

Is already 2 months old? I can't believe it. I am a few days late on this but I wanted to have his stats from his doctors appt.

Gavin has been in our family for 2 month but he feels like he has been in my heart forever. We are so glad that he is part of our family and I feel so blessed to be your mama. Gavin had his 2 month appointment on Wednesday and you are now weighing 11.14 lbs and 24 1/2 inches. I can't believe that he has grown 4 inches in 2 months.

Gavin here is what you have been up to:

You eat every 3 hours and you take two 2-3 hour naps a day. You have been going to bed at 8:30 and will sleep until about 4-4:30. You will eat and then go back to bed until 8:00. I usually have to wake you so we can continue on a schedule.

You are smiling at us all now. You started smiling at 6 weeks. You first smile was for your mama. (thanks) When you started smiling you would only smile for me and the conditions had to be just right. You had to have a full belly and a clean bum. :) Now you will smile for us all. Jackson loves when you smile at him. He will point at that you are "miling".

You have started to work on your laugh. Jackson was able to get you to laugh on Monday. He was so proud and he loves you so much. We have only heard you laugh twice and they have both been at Jackson.

You have already out grown most of your 0-3 month clothes. You are too long for most of the outfits.

You are still wearing a size 1 diaper.

Yesterday you found your hands and have been staring at them since them. I love to watch you go cross eyed watching your fists move.

You are the best traveler. We haven't taken you off the island yet but you love being in the car. You have been to a festival and watched Eisa drummers come through our neighborhood. The drummers didn't phase you at all.

You are the most laid back baby. We only hear you cry when you are past a feeding or uncomfortable. You already know how to stick that bottom lip out. We are in trouble in the future. You also love to sleep. (And mama thanks you for that)

I love you more and more everyday. I can't wait to continue to watch you grow and change.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bios On the Hill

Yesterday I headed out to Bios on the Hill with Courtney and Trisha. When I left our house with the boys the bottom fell out of the sky. We were meeting at Trisha's so I called Courtney and she said that it wasn't raining at their house yet...we braved the weather and took our chances. When we were pulling into the parking lot it started to rain, but we decided to wait it out. In that time I was able to feed Gavin so he won't lose his mind. In the mean time, between sprinkles, I would roll Jackson's window down so we could all talk between the cars. He decided it would be a great idea to throw his rain boot out the window. I was beginning to think this was going to be a disaster for the Marshalls.

Finally, however, the rain stopped and we headed in. I haven't mentioned that it was 3 moms and 7 children all 5 and under. What were we thinking? I guess we were thinking that we wanted to practice our photography, and it was a place to let the kids go wild. So we braved the HOT Okinawan sun and humanity. The kids did go wild and we did practice our photography...

It was such a hodge podge of things to do.

There was an ox pulling a cart.

An area for you to feed goats and even walk one that is on a leash.

There were many locals there with wearable easels that were drawing or painting. They had these palm leaves on a tall pole to cast shade in this open field.


Poor Gavin trying to beat the heat.

In another area there was a table full of mini Terra cotta pots all stacked up and "fishing poles". You use the fishing pole that had a hook on the end of it to catch the pots. Jackson did pretty well and was able catch a few.

While the moms were trying out the stilts (I will have to get that picture from Courtney) the kiddos were playing in this water barrel. The water guns were made from bamboo. Jackson and Oliver had a great time soaking the girls.

And then there were beautiful flowers everywhere. I had to practice taking some pictures and loved that I was able to take pictures of some great flowers.

Here we all are. Courtney was able to bring her tripod and get a group photo. The Japanese always have a beautiful landscaped area for you to use as the backdrop for your photo.

Jackson's Photo Shoot

This evening after Courtney came by to take her girls down to the Sea Wall for a photo shoot. She invited me to come along with her and I gladly took her up on her offer to see what shooting at this time of the day would be like. I will take any help anyone wants to offer me so I won't be turning any of that down. So here is some of my favorites.

Some "back lighting"

"Oh no not more photos!"

An Okinawan sunset just a block from my house.

Some "silhouettes"

Now I just need a couple of lessons about editing and sharping. That means that I need some editing software. Wink wink Steve!

Gavin's Photo Shoot

Courtney has been helping me become a better photographer. She knows a lot more than I do and has been practicing her craft for the last year or so. Now that I have the time (I am not going back to teaching next year not that I have more time) she has been teaching me more about photography. She has also been helping me learn how to shoot on manual and teach me terms like catchlight. So this afternoon I decided to do a little shoot with Gavin while he was doing his tummy time. How could you not want to photograph him. He is so cute and such a great model?

Not the best photo but such a sweet moment.

Out of the Bottle

Today Gavin slept 2 hours past his feeding. I know some people would wake their baby but he didn't get a morning nap because of church so I let him sleep. This caused me to be in pain because he is nursing and doing a GREAT job. So I was able to pump to relieve the pain and figured we would have a bottle ready if he woke up some after the pumping or we would have some on the reserve. Of course he woke up but it gave Daddy and Jackson a chance to help out with a feeding. Jackson was most excited about this.

Not a great picture of Gavin but this is helpful Jackson. He is such a great big brother.



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