Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jelly Fish

When we finished this craft I realized that the last two weeks we have done a craft on Sunday. Ha Ha! Today we decided to take advantage of Gavin's nap to make a little something with Jackson. I found a website No Time For Flash Cards that has some great craft and ideas to do with children. Today we decided to make Jelly Fish. We live by the water and jelly fish have been a problem this season, so why not.

Jackson was so excited to do a craft with wiggle eyes. Or rigging eyes. We gathered all of the supplies and I decided this would be a great time to practice my photography. So I had to open the sliding glass door and the windows and we were off.

He enjoyed coloring the cupcake liners but would only color them yellow. Oh well it is his art work and I have to let that go. I am working on that.

He glues the wiggly eyes very well but didn't like the feeling of the glue on his finger.

I am very proud of myself for letting go and letting Jackson try his hand at scissors. First, because I was worried he was going to cut himself. Second, it would have been easier for me to do this step. Third, that means he is growing up and able to do crafts and use scissors. He did so well and was such a great listener. Here he is cutting the legs for our jelly fish.

Finish product. Yes, I have this posted on our refrigerator. He did so well and was such a great listener.

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