Monday, August 9, 2010


Jackson has really taken a liking to playing board games. We bought Hi-Ho Cherry-O! and he has been joying playing it with both Mommy and Daddy. This game was starting to get a little old with Mommy and Daddy so I came up with an idea of a craft/game. He has played memory at Kate's house and so I thought that we could we could have fun making our own memory game. The other day after he got up from his nap I told him that we were going to make a game. He was very excited and thought that it was cool to make a game.

So armed with the stickers, index cards, and my camera we got started. I had to let go of my OCD to have things look perfect. He could not have been more proud of the game that he created and we must have played over a dozen times. He loves when he makes a match but is even more excited if Mommy or Daddy makes a match.

I have many more crafts up my sleeve to help us beat the heat.

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Courtney said...

These are GREAT!! Wow! The lighting looks wonderful! Great job!!



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