Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Bro meets Lil Bro

Jackson was able to meet Gavin that afternoon when we were moved to our postpartum room. Like I said before he was able to spend the night at Courtney's house. This made for a houseful at Courtney's because Ian's parents and brother were visiting from the States. They were all very kind enough to watch and entertain Jackson while Courtney came up to the hospital to take all of the awesome pictures that she took. They also took Jackson with them to do some local exploring. Another reason it is great to have family living near by. After nap time Courtney brought Jackson up to the hospital to meet his little brother.

He was so excited and I was so over the moon watching him come into the room. During my entire pregnancy we talked to Jackson about his baby brother and that his name would be Gavin. But I worried that he thought that my belly's name was Gavin. He has loved Gavin since the moment that he met him and has been the best big brother out there. He his so in love with him and so protective. He is great and likes to talk to him and let him know about things and know where he is going when he leaves the room. "My going down stairs Davin." He has a hard time with the G at the beginning of his name.

I can't wait to watch them grow up together. I hope that he continues to love him as much as he does and be the protective older brother that I love about him. Jackson isn't the only one that is in love with him. Gavin wraps everyone he meets around his long skinny fingers.

The present that Jackson brought for Gavin.

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