Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Bro meets Lil Bro

Jackson was able to meet Gavin that afternoon when we were moved to our postpartum room. Like I said before he was able to spend the night at Courtney's house. This made for a houseful at Courtney's because Ian's parents and brother were visiting from the States. They were all very kind enough to watch and entertain Jackson while Courtney came up to the hospital to take all of the awesome pictures that she took. They also took Jackson with them to do some local exploring. Another reason it is great to have family living near by. After nap time Courtney brought Jackson up to the hospital to meet his little brother.

He was so excited and I was so over the moon watching him come into the room. During my entire pregnancy we talked to Jackson about his baby brother and that his name would be Gavin. But I worried that he thought that my belly's name was Gavin. He has loved Gavin since the moment that he met him and has been the best big brother out there. He his so in love with him and so protective. He is great and likes to talk to him and let him know about things and know where he is going when he leaves the room. "My going down stairs Davin." He has a hard time with the G at the beginning of his name.

I can't wait to watch them grow up together. I hope that he continues to love him as much as he does and be the protective older brother that I love about him. Jackson isn't the only one that is in love with him. Gavin wraps everyone he meets around his long skinny fingers.

The present that Jackson brought for Gavin.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Birthday Story

Everyone wants to know about the day that they were born. So Gavin here is the story of YOUR day.

As many of you know I am a second grade teacher and I was teaching right up to the date that Gavin was born. What many of you don't know is that Steve had to go to Hawaii for a conference during my 38th week. We were worried that I might go into labor before Steve was able to get home. He and my Mom would be arriving on the same flight the Sunday before he was born. But Steve made it back and my Mom made it to Okinawa before the big day. The doctor was pretty sure that I was going to be late because when I went to my 38 week appointment I was not dilated at all. Earlier in the week we asked Jackson what day his brother would be born and he told us Wednesday. Even though Gavin was born on Thursday I did go into labor on Wednesday. :)

I was in my last week of school and everyday that I went to school there were several teachers that would look at me and say "No baby yet?". For those of you that don't know...that is the most annoying question when you are that far along. I would always answer with "I guess I will make it to the end of the year." I had been having contractions every evening since Monday after a Cocoks pedicure. (I think that pedicure worked some serious magic)

Wednesday I came home from school and we decided to cook dinner at home that night. We had our family favorite, Spaghetti and Bacon. Steve had gone out to dinner with some C-130 buddies that were in town. Mom and I had just finished cleaning up the kitchen and put Jackson to bed when I noticed that I was leaking. This is how my labor started with Jackson so I knew what I was looking for. I told my mom that I thought that I might be leaking and that my water might be started to break. She cheered and I started to get nervous. I had not packed anything yet. Steve made it home from his dinner and I talked to him about what was going on. I wasn't sure if I should go to the hospital because I didn't want them to tell me that it wasn't my water breaking and they would send me home. At this time it is already 10 pm. After going back and forth about whether or not to go to the hospital we decided it would be best to go in and get checked out.

I was about to take a shower and get my bag packed. Mom was going to stay at the house with Jackson until we figured out if they were going to keep me at the hospital or send me back home. We called Courtney to let her know what was going on also because if they kept me at the hospital Mom was going to come up to the hospital and Courtney was going to watch Jackson.

We headed to the hospital at 10:30. The adrenalin was already pumping through me. It still didn't feel real to me though. We checked into the triage room and a nurse came into check and see if my water broke. They weren't able to tell for sure if my water had broke, the test they did didn't turn the color they wanted. They might not have known if my water broker but I was so excited to hear that I was already dilated 2 cm. (YEAH) The doctor came in to talk to us and said that since they weren't able to tell for sure if my water broke if I would allow them to help me, we could have a baby today. Well he said not today because it was already 11:30pm but on June 17th. We decided that would be a great day for a birthday. So after some phone calls to my Mom and Courtney we waited to get moved to the Labor and Delivery room.

After I was moved to the L & D room I was being hooked to all the monitor on my belly and they were trying very hard to get an IV. The corpsman blew two of my veins, one in each arm. The nurse that was asking me questions and getting me set up while his is going on couldn't believe that happened because to them I had "great veins". The nurse was kind enough to stop what she was doing to place the IV because we didn't want the corpsman (who we dubbed Wally) to stick me any more. Steve stayed with me until I was all hooked up and the pitocin was flowing. He told the nurse, Katie, that he was going to pick up my mom and take Jackson over to Courtney's. Katie didn't like hearing this. She said she worries when Dads leave especially since this was our second baby and they tend to come faster. She said that she would go easy on the pitocin until he got back. We started the pitocin at 1:30

I was so glad to see Mom and Steve walk through the door. The contractions was still light but the nurse came in about 2 minutes after Steve and Mom and pumped the pitocin up to full force. The contractions started to come on strong. I wanted to go for a little bit before I asked for the epidural. Oh boy were the contractions HARD!! Mom was great and helping with my breathing. I finally said that it was time for the epidural.

Gavin I want to let you know that you gave us all some scares during the labor. Your heart rate dropped many times. Every time the great people at the hospital came running in and gave me oxygen tried to change my position. You only liked me to be on my left side. You didn't even like the word pitocin. At one point they had to turn it off and you looked better but when she said she was going to turn it back on your heart rate dropped again.

They were able to call the anesthesiologist and he came pretty quick. The epidural was awful. The shot to numb my back was the worst. It was a very long process. After about 40 minutes they were able to get the epidural going and I was feeling a lot better. Yeah for the drugs!!!

I was 7 cm at 6:30 am so we called Courtney because I wanted her to be there and to take pictures. I don't think she has ever moved faster to get some where. I was getting so excited because and happy to have my mom and sister there for our birthday party.

Dr. Memeski came in at 7:30 and told me that it was time to push. I was so excited to have Dr. M there because he was suppose to get off work at 7 am but decided that he stuck it out all night with us and wanted to see and welcome this new baby into the world. He told me that I had to tell him how long I planned to push. I told him that I pushed for 2 and a half hours with my first one and he told me that I had to do it in less than an hour. I thought he was crazy.

Honey is Excited!

We started pushing and during the process I looked over at Courtney and she is sitting in a chair thinking that she was going to faint. I thought that she would be able to handle this because she had already had 2 children but she doesn't do well when other people are in pain. I told her that I wasn't in pain and after a donut she was back on her feet. Although she will never live in down. :)

During the pushing your heart rate dropped again. I think you wanted everyone to pay a bit more attention to you. I thought that you were going to be a dramatic little boy with all of this crazy behavior.

After 55 minutes Gavin Fitzpatrick Marshall made his entrance into the world. He was born at 8:30 am weighing in at 8 lbs and 20.5 inches long. He had a head full of dark hair. I couldn't believe the hair. The jury is still out but I think that I might actually get some credit for his little guy. I am so glad that he has the Fitzpatrick name.

Gavin the day that you were born was my last day of school. Even though I had 23 great students that I missed dearly and didn't get to say good-bye to there is no one else I would have liked to spend June 17, 2010 with.

After being awake for 26 hours a donut hits the spot!

On the phone with Papa!

He is now five weeks old and he is the light of our family. We couldn't love more. Jackson is more in love with him everyday. I never thought that I would be a mother of 2 boys but I have 2 of the most perfect boys anyone could ask for. Even though you were dramatic during the delivery you are very laid back and easy going. You love to sleep and you only cry when you are starving. I love you!!!

Thank you so much Courtney for being there to document our little mans entrance into the world. The pictures are priceless!!!



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