Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bios On the Hill

Yesterday I headed out to Bios on the Hill with Courtney and Trisha. When I left our house with the boys the bottom fell out of the sky. We were meeting at Trisha's so I called Courtney and she said that it wasn't raining at their house yet...we braved the weather and took our chances. When we were pulling into the parking lot it started to rain, but we decided to wait it out. In that time I was able to feed Gavin so he won't lose his mind. In the mean time, between sprinkles, I would roll Jackson's window down so we could all talk between the cars. He decided it would be a great idea to throw his rain boot out the window. I was beginning to think this was going to be a disaster for the Marshalls.

Finally, however, the rain stopped and we headed in. I haven't mentioned that it was 3 moms and 7 children all 5 and under. What were we thinking? I guess we were thinking that we wanted to practice our photography, and it was a place to let the kids go wild. So we braved the HOT Okinawan sun and humanity. The kids did go wild and we did practice our photography...

It was such a hodge podge of things to do.

There was an ox pulling a cart.

An area for you to feed goats and even walk one that is on a leash.

There were many locals there with wearable easels that were drawing or painting. They had these palm leaves on a tall pole to cast shade in this open field.


Poor Gavin trying to beat the heat.

In another area there was a table full of mini Terra cotta pots all stacked up and "fishing poles". You use the fishing pole that had a hook on the end of it to catch the pots. Jackson did pretty well and was able catch a few.

While the moms were trying out the stilts (I will have to get that picture from Courtney) the kiddos were playing in this water barrel. The water guns were made from bamboo. Jackson and Oliver had a great time soaking the girls.

And then there were beautiful flowers everywhere. I had to practice taking some pictures and loved that I was able to take pictures of some great flowers.

Here we all are. Courtney was able to bring her tripod and get a group photo. The Japanese always have a beautiful landscaped area for you to use as the backdrop for your photo.

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