Monday, June 8, 2009


Jackson loves to point out all bugs right now. The other day we had some ants that had decided to make their way into our TLF. I find these little visitors unwanted and I was trying to find the source of entry and Jackson kept yelling "ants, ants". I thought that it was so funny when he picked up my wallet and started hitting the floor and saying "ants". I guess he feels the same way that I do about the outside bugs being inside. (I have a video and when we get somewhere that has good internet I will upload it.)

He has become quite a little man and talker. He repeats everything that I say and he points out everything. He has also become a ladies man. Our neighbors here at the TLF that we hang with Lyssa and Sara are his new girlfriends. Mind you these ladies are spouses here and friends of mine but he has won their heart. He loves to hold their hands, sit on their laps, and he will cry if they leave before he is ready for them to. He is probably using them to get to their dogs who he loves so much. Maddie or as Jackson would say Mad Mad and Riley who Jackson calls Ry Ry and Ryla. I need to get pictures of them for Jackson to have to remember them.

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