Saturday, June 20, 2009


Poor baby Jack has been running a fever this evening ever since we came back from the pool.  We have been going to pool for the last three days after he has a great nap.  He is really enjoying the pool and loves when Lyssa helps him "swim".  She has been giving him some lessons at the pool and I am enjoying learning a few pointers that I can use later.

This evening Jackson was sitting on my lap, he turns into a snuggle bug when he is sick, and he was giving me snuggles and he pulled back and gave me a give and then asked for more.  I asked him if he wanted more snuggles and he said more and gave a snuggle.  It was too cute.  He loves to ask for more.  More trucks on the road, more babies on TV, more airplanes in the air, more dogs when we are on a walk.  It doesn't matter what it is and I have to tell him to keep looking.  :)

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