Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A few updates on Jackson, little man, and I. Right now I am getting beat up from the inside out. The last couple of days he has been streaching out as much as he can and it is getting rather painful. It is getting a little more difficult to sleep and I haven't been able to sleep as much as I would like. Either Jackson or little man will wake me up. We are all very ready for Steve to come home.

Everyone is growing like they should. A few updates on Jackson, the weekend after Steve left back at the end of March Jackson's ear drum ruptured. We went to the ER that night due to the lovely drainage coming out of his ear. They gave us some antibiotics and we nursed it at home. We then had a follow up appointment with his pediatrication and I told her that I wanted to talk about putting another tube back in because I didn't want this happening again. So we are awaiting the appointment with the ENT on May 10th.

A little background on the ears; anyone who knows this poor child knows we have been dealing with ear infections since birth. Last April he had tubes placed in both ears and when we arrived on the island last summer he got an ear infection. It was then that we were told that his right tube had fallen out. GREAT!!! That is only supposed to happen when the ears are ready to do what they need to do on their own and his right ear is this bad ear and was not ready. We have had a total of four ear infections an ear drum rupture since arriving on the island.

Jackson is talking up a storm and it is great to hear him counting more freely and singing songs. If you ask his Honey and Papa they will tell you that he will not perform for anyone. My Dad always asks if he would like to sing a song and Jackson will shake his head and say no. And when my Mom or Steve's Mom asks him to count he won't do that either. He is strong welled and things have to be done on his terms. He surprised me the other day in the car when he was naming people and told me that his name was Jackson Charles. Now he has been able to tell me that his name is Jackson Marshall for a while but I didn't want to confuss him by talking about a middle name. I was so surprised! He surprises me everyday. I need to start carrying a notepad around and writing down the things that he says when he says them because he makes me laugh.

The little insider is doing great. I had one of my latest doctors appointment this past Friday and his heartbeat was great and he is moving around a lot like he should. I do not want to wish him out early but I can't wait to meet his little man. We still have a lot to do with his nursery but he will be rooming in with us for a while so we will enlist the help of Courtney and my Mom if time is running out. I hope to get much more done once Steve is back.

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