Thursday, April 8, 2010


I know that I haven't put many pictures up of Jackson, or any photos really lately, but I thought that I would share this new phase that we are going through. Every time I take the camera out he loves to make this face and says cheese between his teeth.

I know that everyone does this but it is really funny.

Jackson is really interested in the ever growing belly. Every time that we drive by the hospital where I will give birth and where I had the ultrasound he will point out that is where Mommy goes to the doctor and where he saw the baby on TV. The other night I was lying on the couch and the baby started moving around ALOT so I asked Jackson if he want to feel the baby kick. He came running over and after about 5 seconds the baby let out a big kick to his big bro. Now Jackson will come over to me and put his hands on my belly and say "Hi baby Marshall, come out play with me." Then he will wait to see if he gets a kick.

The baby Marshall thing is something that he has been doing. Kate calls him by his first and last name when she wants his attention so he learned his name quickly. Now he knows everyones first and last name. Jackson Marshall, baby Marshall, Mommy Marshall, and Daddy Marshall. He also can name everyone in the Slazinik family. He even says Kate's name the same way she says it. If you haven't heard it check it out.

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