Friday, February 6, 2009

North Carolina

We are officially homeless! We are completely moved out of our house in Florida and Steve is already in OK waiting for us. Jackson and I took a detour on our way to OK via North Carolina. We have been here for two weeks and will be leaving on Tuesday. We are stopping a night in Nashville to visit a friend of mine and then we are off to Little Rock to see friends and family.

We have been really enjoying our time here. Jackson loves the mornings with Papa and the evening baths with Honey. Papa loves to wake Jackson up to have breakfast with him before he has to go to work. It is nice for me though because when Dad puts him back to bed he will usually sleep until about nine. You can't beat that. He is really getting good at taking afternoon naps. He has always taken pretty good naps but they were usually an hour long. Today he slept for 3 and 1/2 hours. I had to go up and check to make sure he was still breathing. Honey then likes to sit with him when she has her breakfast (usually about 3 hours later than breakfast with Papa). Jackson has gotten wise on Baylee and feeds her food under the table. He loves Baylee and pats her on the nose and the back and Baylee has an equal love for him. So much we caught her sneaking up the stairs to see him after he went to bed.

Jackson is still "talking" and making lots of noises. He has learned to say shoes and balloon and now he says nu nu for milk (while still doing the sign). Papa has taught him about to put his head down on command, to open his mouth (so we can see if he has crewed up what we gave him), songs with hand motions (She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain, Hokey Pokey, and Itsy Bitsy Spider). Jackson is starting to learn to run and when he does this it is so funny because he is really just walking fast but moving one arm in almost a train motion. It is funny! He has learned to climb up and down the stairs. You have to keep an eye on him because he is fast when he gets going up. We have been working on who people are in his life and he will point them out when he is asked. Honey has been teaching him to blow handfuls of bubbles while he is in the bath tub.

Last weekend we took him to Marbles and children’s museum that they have in town and he could not get enough of all of the sights and things to touch. He was so excited to see all the other kids and the toys. It was a very hands on museum and he had a great time. Today I took him to a place called Monkey Joe's which has a lot of inflatables inside for you to play on. They had an area for 3 and under but he wasn't much of a fan right now. He stayed really close to me but got more excited when other kids his size were in there to play. We are going to be sad to leave but I know that Steve is waiting to see little man soon.

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