Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still Here!!

I don't know if anyone read this blog other than my friend Estee (who lives about 2 miles from me and is basically involved a lot in our everyday lives) but I thought that I would post again for Jackson's sake.

Jackson is growing up SO quickly!!! He is chatting all day long. He loves to make noise and is exploring his voice. He is working on getting to the independent walking. He is still cruising around EVERYTHING and we will walk behind his push behind toy. His personality is changing by the day. Everyday that I go to get him out of his bed he seems so much bigger and so much older. He loves to dance and his type of dancing is rocking on his booty. He also is getting so go at "Big Boy". Which is where we say "Big Boy" and he tries to hold his hands up over his head. Oh the tricks that you can teach babies. He laughs all of the time and is makes me laugh and I love the joy that he has brought into our lives.

I am still doing my student teaching in the third grade class and I have learned so much from my experience. This entire process is also a very humbling experience. If you ever think that a teachers job is "easy" I ask you to try it out for a day. You are always "on". There is no time to yourself and no personal space. The only time that I get to myself is the 30 minutes that I get to eat my lunch. It is great but I am so tired at the end of the day. I am excited about graduating on December 13th and heading to Disney World on the 14th with the Fitzpatrick's. It is going to be a great time.

We are still awaiting our orders to find out where we are going to after we leave Florida. I am ready to move onto our next adventure. So if the assignment guy for the KC-135's is reading this could you please let me know where we are moving so that I can start the excitement of looking for a house and possibly a job. :)

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