Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big News

Well we have finally heard the big news down here in Pensacola. Back in the spring Steve applied to change aircraft and today we found out that he was accepted. We are very excited about this. It is a very competitive to get a cross flow to another aircraft and he did it. He is going to be flying KC-135. I am going to have to get Jackson a shirt that says "My Dad passes gas" :) So we are still not sure as to where we are moving or when but at least we know our options. I am looking forward to the new places that we will go and all of the great people we will meet along the way.

On personal notes we didn't get anything from Tropical Storm Fay and we are watching Gustav closely right now. We will keep everyone posted and we may be knocking on a few doors for a place to stay if we have to leave here. Here is Jackson in his first Tropical Storm.
Jackson is doing much better and is only suffering from a runny nose right now. Which I am sure that if he could talk he would talk tell you that I man handle him every time I have to wipe his little nose. I feel bad because every time he sees me coming with a Kleenex he is already swatting me off.

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Estee said...

Although I am not sure if I am still talking to you...I know that this is going to be a great opportunity for you guys. Congrats!! I'm pulling for me a spot on the couch!



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