Saturday, August 2, 2008

Field Trip

This afternoon Estee and I headed to Creastview to shop at a quilt shop that we found. They were having a sale on Christmas material and I needed to add to my stash. I also had high hopes that I would be able to find insiration for a Christmas wall hanging but had no luck today. I have a feeling that I am going to have to venture out of my comfort zone and try a different type of quilt. I haven't even finish my first quilt but I already have a lot of projects on the mind. I got a great book while at my Moms and it has a bunch of great patterns for household projects. I would like to make some Christmas pillows for the living room and some place mats and napkins. I figure that way I can get what I want possibly save a bit of money by making it myself. I was very excited that Steve was able to make it home before we headed out so that I could go in peace and quite without Jackson.

I can't believe that Jackson is eight and a half months already. He is already such a great little man with a huge personality. He loves everyone and loves their attention. He has been doing great with physical therapy. The rotation in his neck has gotten so much better than it was. He only have to go to PT once every two weeks now because he is doing so well. They want to keep an eye on his Tortacollis until he starts walking. I guess it can regress back with a change of movement and the way that he holds his head. I am just hoping that any babies that come later will not have the same problem and that they will be smaller so that they have more room to move around while they are inside.

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