Friday, August 22, 2008

My Poor Baby

Well it is confirmed! After a VERY early appointment this morning at 7:10 Jackson is another victim of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. To make matters worse and to make him feel so bad he has a right ear infection and an eye infection. The poor kiddo is drooling like a mad man because he has all of the horrible blisters in his mouth and throat, his eyes are watering and his nose is running. Although I am very sorry that he is sick he turns into a little snuggler when he is not feeling good. And for any of you out there that do not have a snugly child know that you will take what you can get. I just love when he reach out to me like I am the only thing that could possibly make him feel better. He will just lay his head down on my shoulder or chest and just lay so still. Which is also very uncharacteristic for him right now because he is EVERYWHERE!!!

So to Jackson I say, "I am sorry you are so sick I wish I could make you feel better but thank you so much for all of the hugs and snuggles."

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