Thursday, August 21, 2008

Curse You Day Care

Jackson has not even been in day care for one week and already has the infamous Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. Apparently a child in his class had it the day before we started there. This crazy virus that has a six day incubation period and guess what?? This is the sixth day since Jackson started there. I noticed the lovely red bumps on the palms of his hand AFTER I picked him up this afternoon. I feel sorry for all the other kiddos in the class because the teachers there did not even notice it. We now have an appointment tomorrow morning with our fabulous doctor. I feel so bad for Jackson this causes blisters into your mouth and throat and this cry is so horse and weak. He is not sleeping well which guessed it we are not sleeping well.

I am in my first week of student teaching which is why Jackson has to go to the dreaded disease infested day care. The class seams AWESOME and I think that I am going to learn a lot of the teacher that I am working with. I would love it if we were going to be living here after graduation and to be able to get a job at this intermediate school. All of the teachers seems great and the Principal is fantastic.

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