Thursday, July 30, 2009

Exciting Day

I am feeling more connected to the world now. We finally have AFN (Armed Forces Network). This may not be exciting to all of you that have Dish Network and REAL cable but these 8 little channels is the closest I get to T.V. back in the states. Now it is not 8 networks like I was telling my Mom is is 8 different stations that pick and chose what we that are living over seas are going to watch. They have a news station, a sports station, a family station, a a couple of other mixtures that I am learning about. Right now I am so excited because Oprah is on. I don't know how old this is but it is one that I haven't seen with Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, Sugarland, and Daris Rudger. Jackson and I are enjoying rocking out to the country music that I now miss so dearly. I am really enjoying the AFN commercials (sarcasm). They are stupid military commercials. So no I haven't seen any of the funny or great commercials that you might have back in the States.

Whenever I see this sign I just crack up!!
Jackson and I have been at home all day because we still only have one car and Steve needed to us the car all day to run around the base. Usually Steve will drive himself to work in the morning and then come home to eat lunch with us and Jackson and I will drive him back to work. That is when Jackson will explore the town or go to different stores. Today because we don't have car we decided to walk around our neighborhood. We went to this really cute consignment store that is not far from the house and found two really cute outfits. One of them is a very Japanese. When he wears it I will take a picture and post it. We also checked out a cute store called Ginger. It is an upscale women's clothing store. It is super cute with lots of fun summer dresses and swim suits. On our way back we stopped by Coffee Casa and picked up two cinnamon rolls for a snack. Jackson loves going in there and receiving all the attention from the ladies in there.
Jackson showing you all his "nack".

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Claire said...

love the dog dung sign, and you have 8 AFN channels, we had 1!! yes that would be 1!! how did the job interview go? was it at Buddy Iles' school on Kadena?



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