Sunday, July 19, 2009

Use Your Eyes

Today we all made a trip out to this store we had heard about called Nitori.  It was an adventure to find it but we made an afternoon of it.  The store is much like an Ikea/Bed Bath and Beyond.  Just a little side note to Courtney...I am searching out all the great shopping places.  :)  But Jackson was in rare form and wanted to run, run, run everywhere.  That is one of his new favorite things he will yell "run, run, run" and just take off.  He also loves to touch everything in the store.  Steve says that he gets that from his mama.  We were looking at curtains and Jackson wanted to touch them and hide behind them.  Steve told him not to touch them anymore and to use his eyes.  He about rolled on the floor when he leaned into the curtain and batted his eyelashes onto the curtain.  I wish I had had the video camera with us so I could have captured it but I will have to get him to re-enact it.  


Courtney said...

That is way too cute!! I love it!!!

Claire said...

how lucky Courtney is to have you scouting out all of the cool places for her. I wish I had had someone do that every time we moved overseas! You all will have so much fun together!

Estee said...

Love it!



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