Sunday, July 13, 2008

On The Move

We are so glad to be back at home and spending time with Steve this weekend. We just returned from two weeks in NC visiting my parents (aka Jackson's Honey and Papa). We had a great time spending time with the family and Courtney, Ian, and Kate were able to fly in for a weekend and we were all able to attend the Fitzpatrick family reunion. It was fun because no one on that side of the family had been able to meet Jackson yet. It is nice to have Steve home also he just returned from three weeks up in Virginia Beach where he was flying Navy Academy Midshipmen incentive rides in the T-34. He loves doing that sort of stuff and getting to have a bit of fun with them. Jackson and I are both glad that he is back.

While I was in NC visiting my mom I was able to get a few lessons from her on sewing so there will be interesting things to come. Back in May she came to visit and my friend Estee and I were able to receive a lesson on how to start quilting. You will have to check out Estee's site to read her entry about our quilting. While I was in NC though I took a free motion quilting class from my mom so I am excited to give it a go. I also learned how to smock so look out craftiness is on the way.

Jackson is getting so big these days and is into everything that he can get his hands on. He loves magazines. He loves the sound that they make when he is riping the pages out of them and eating them. :) He now loves to pull himeself up onto everything. He is not happy unless he is standing sometimes. Steve thinks that he will be walking within the next month or two. Did I mention that the little one is only 8 months old. CRAZY!! We are also working on self feeding these days. He can finally master the baby puffs without choaking on them. It is the small things in life that are big around here lately. He also has about grown out of his infant car seat so I was able to buy him a new seat online before we left and it arrived this week. I but him in it two days ago and he thinks that he is so big now. Because the seat sits higher he is now able to see out of the window.

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Estee said...

What a great family picture! SO glad you are back in town. Great update...awaiting more!



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