Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jackson is ONE!!!

Today my little man is one year old. I can't not believe how fast a year can go by when some of the days seem to drag on. Steve took the day off from one and I took the day off from student teaching. We decided we wanted to spend the day as a family and do something that we had been talking about doing but could never find the time to do. We knew that if we said that we were going to do it for Jackson's birthday we would do it so today we drove through Destin to the small community of Seaside. Before we left we opened the gifts from our family. Aunt Courtney, Uncle Ian, and Kate sent him a very cute shirt, hat, and a little V-Tech laptop that plays music. He loves anything that plays music. Honey and Papa sent him a Little Peoples farm tracker that also plays some music and a lot of great Carters clothes. Which is great because he has grown so much and so quickly that he was in need of clothes. Grandma and Grandpa send him some cute Air Force socks, "Goodnight Moon", and Grandma also knitted him some wash cloths. Thank you to everyone!!
We enjoyed the drive down and Jackson slept most of the way down. It was really warm today and we enjoyed eating lunch at a little cafe just outside of Seaside. It is a beautiful drive and it was a gorgeous day. We were so glad that the rain held off so that we could enjoy a much needed day away as a family. We bought Jackson his very own lunch instead of bringing him baby food or sharing ours with him. He had grilled cheese and pasta salad and he ate more for lunch than I did. He has become quite the eater.

After lunch we were off to Seaside and when we got there it was so cute and we walked around the community and looked at all of the houses that all had names of their own. It reminded me a lot of Martha's Vineyard with the different colored houses and how quiet it is. When my family use to come to Destin for our vacations we would drive over to Seaside and we would always get some ice cream. That was my only request when we went over there and we did get some ice cream and Jackson even got to try some ice cream for the first time. We had a great time spending the day with Jackson and we are looking forward to his party tomorrow!

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