Monday, March 9, 2009

Jelly Beans

Jackson is almost sixteen months old and I am proud to say that he eats more healthy than anyone else in this household. I am a sucker for candy and I have tried so hard to not pass this on to my son. However, Easter is around the corner and I love Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans. I bought a bag when we were out at the store the other day and poored them into a bowl to munch on. I placed them on the end table far from Jackson's view and eye sight. I thought that I would treat him to one and let him have one a day for about three days. By then he knew where I was keeping them and he would lean into them and come to the edge of the table and sign please and say "ease". Of course it is super cute but he doesn't need all that sugar and some how the couch and table seperated the other day and Jackson was able to get himself to the bowl and I hear his little fingers grabbing a handful. He was so proud of himself to getting some of the prized jelly beans. I have sense moved them so I don't have to share with him. :) I am going to have to get some jelly beans and keep them so that when we start potty training he will enjoy the prize.

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