Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prayer Request

I know I have a lot to catch everyone up on. But if you read this blog for any reason I have to ask you to say a little prayer for my sister, Courtney. She is pregnant and she has had a whirlwind of a pregnancy. This baby keeps wanting to come early. She has been able to keep her in "her room" and everyday is great for the baby. Today she found out that the baby is breech so she will find out tomorrow what the plan is going to be but the prayer comes here because her husband, Ian, is deployed and they are trying to get him home. He is stuck in England with a broken plane. I am just sad that she is there without any of her family and just wants to have her husband there to hold her hand. They said that if she goes into labor again that they will not stop it this time. I just hope that little baby girl will hold off until her daddy makes it safely onto US soil. I don't want my sister to go through a possible C-section without him. We are waiting to hear from her tomorrow and what the doctor has to say but Jackson and I will probably flying out there on Wednesday. Thank you in advance.

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Heather said...

I'll be thinking about you and Courtney - safe travels for you and for her hubby...and let's hope that baby stays put for a little while longer!



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