Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Visitor

About a month after we arrived here on the island Steve's friend Karen was able to come and visit us. We were very excited about our first house guest and Jackson was so excited about his "Fin". He refused to learn her name or call her by anything but "Fin". He would wake up in the morning and call for her not Mama or Dada. Jackson continued to ask for her for days after she left. He was too cute!
Outside of the aquarium. What a beautiful view!

Jackson loved the Star Fish. Mommy was not excited about him putting his hair in this yucky water.
The beautiful Sea Turtles.

While Karen was here we ate at some great restaurants, went to the aquarium, Steve and Karen hikes Higi Falls, and Karen and I went to get our nails done. Her is Jackson with his "Fin".

Enjoying the music at the dolphin show. It was so hot that day we were all sweating as we stood outside.

Karen enjoying her Cocok's pedicure. The pedicure even last through her hike up Mt. Fugi.

My new toes!

Karen and Steve at Transit Cafe!

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