Friday, January 22, 2010

Lillypops and Pilots

The other day Jackson and I went to the BX and going shopping with him can be a hit or a miss. So I promised him a surprise if he stayed by my side and was on his best behavior. When we got him I let him have a lollipop. This is only the second time that he has had one of these but he was so excited about it. He can not say lollipop and calls it his lillypop. It is so cute. He thinks of lollipops as a little piece of heaven.

This same day I was feeling good and wanted to get him a little something to think of his Daddy while he is away. In the BX they have a place in there that is like a build-a-bear. You get to choose the bear and then stuff it and choose the clothes to dress the bear in. Jackson has been dying to make a bear since we moved here. He choose the bear and I helped him choose the clothes that they bear would wear. Jackson is now the proud owner of his very own pilot bear. However, the clothes didn't stay on the bear long and Jackson was wearing the goggles and hat. He was very proud of his Daddy pilot bear.

We are ready for Steve to come home. Jackson is really enjoying talking to Steve on the "puter". That is computer for those of you that don't speak 2 year old. I think that Jackson believes that Steve has now moved into the computer just like all of his grandparents have. It should be interesting when Steve really returns to us.

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