Saturday, January 23, 2010

This Beat Is Bumpin Bumpin

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 18 weeks 6 days

Total Weight Gain/Loss:
Gained 8 pounds. My next appointment is Tuesday so we will have a better idea on weight gain then. But I have down a couple of boxes of Thin Mints since the last appointment so I am a bit nervous.

Maternity Clothes:
Still rocking the maternity clothes and I have spent many a nights shopping on-line for cute tops.

Still trying to sleep as much as I can. I am not having to get up as much in the middle of the night anymore which is a plus.

Best Moment this week:
Feeling the baby kick this week. The baby has been moving around and reacts a lot when I talk to the kids at school. The baby also becomes very active after a couple of Thin Mints.

We will find out the second week of February!

Lots of kicking going on this week.

Food Craving: Macaroni and Thin Mints

What I miss:
Chicken and I still aren't getting along unless it is fried chicken but even then I just have to not think about the fact that I am eating chicken.

What I am looking forward to:
Finding out what we are having, Steve coming home, and our upcoming trip to Tokyo the evening after we find out the sex. I see a lot of shopping happening while we are in Tokyo.

Weekly Wisdom:
Enjoy every moment of the pregnancy and embrace looking pregnant.

I have started having back pain if I sit for too long. I have also started getting cramps in my legs in the middle of the night also. The baths seem to be helping so the rashes right now are under control.

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Estee said...

Love the new picture. Can't wait to find out boy or girl! Both of my sisters were just asking me yesterday if you knew what you were having. Miss you guys! I am single with free time...we should skype!



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