Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guam Part 2

When we hopped to Guam I realized that this would be our first trip out of Japan since we had moved here 15 months ago. Oh my where has the time gone. We took a short weekend trip to Tokyo in February but that was still Japan. Needless to say I was excited and couldn't wait to get a little taste of the States. So where did we go and what did we do? EAT!!! We hit TGI Friday's and got one of the best desserts. (I know it is tinted....this is all before I started to learn to use my camera)

We also his Cold Stone.

Hooters anyone? I know some people don't like it but I love their wings. Oh well!!

We ate at the hotel and got to see a show. Jackson was so excited to see the fire.

Nothing says fun like a fistful of straws. A man brought them all over to our table and told us to let him play with them. Oh what the heck?!

In the afternoons after nap we would come down to the lobby and have a snack.

We walked across the street to the gelato place to have a snack and so Mama could use the free wi-fi.

We ate a Brazilian BBQ. It make me think of Gouchos back in Little Rock. Oh how I loved that place. Even though our friend Trisha and her gang didn't make it down we ate some extra for them. :)

Per Steve's request we ate at California Pizza Kitchen. Dinner time was usually the only time that we saw Daddy. Jackson was so glad when he would come home. They were working a lot while we were there so we valued our time with him.

Mommy bribed with lollies for a picture taking session.

We ate at the wonderful buffet at one of the restaurants at the hotel. And oh the joy when the waitress came over and gave Jackson one of these.

So I think this about covers where we ate. Unfortunately I think that I took more pictures of us eating than doing anything else. I will have to do another post on the things that we did.


Anonymous said...

I loved your pics..I am a second child. Did Gavin go on this trip???????

Anonymous said...

Only giving you grief. I loved the pics of food. Whenever we left oki to go to hong kong, we hit macdonalds first, now really.



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