Friday, December 3, 2010

Hippy Hop

I am going to start catching up on this poor little blog of mine.

I will start back at the beginning of September. A couple of weeks before Gavin was born we found out Steve was tasked to go Guam in September for four weeks to participate in an exercise. I wasn't really excited about the thought of having both kiddos by myself for a month. (You have to remember that my parents had been here to help out for 5 weeks. They left at the middle of July.) I was nervous, but knew that's life with the Air Force. Steve had mentioned maybe the boys and I come down to Guam for a week or so to spend sometime with him and check that island off my list of places to visit. After going back and forth about hopping down to Guam by myself with a 2 1/2 year old and a 2 month old I started to get excited about the trip.

This was going to be my first time to ever catch a hop. I knew I had to let go of any "plans" and ideas of how this plane ride was going to go. It was a good thing that I did because I started my day at 4:30 am, and it was going to be a long one... I wanted to get up earlier than the boys and close up the house and get the car loaded. We were hoping to get to the pax terminal at 6:00 am for an 8:00 roll call. I had the sense to call the terminal to see if the roll call was still the same. It wasn't! They had moved it to an earlier time so we missed that roll call. I was upset because I had been up so early and was ready to go to Guam. Oh well. Later that morning Steve called me to tell me there was another Typhoon headed towards us. I thought he was just calling to add insult to injury. He told me that this was good news for me because our squadron was going to be moving some of their planes out later that afternoon and headed to Guam. So we went back into action.

At noon we headed up to the terminal. Imagine if you will me pushing Gavin's stroller and pushing one of those trolley carts that you have to hold the handle down just so it will move. The trolley was loaded down with two suitcases, Jackson's car seat, Gavin's car seat base, and my carry on. YIKES!! So after I finally made it into the terminal we started our wait. We made it onto the first flight that was going out. I was excited because everything was going so smoothly...that is a sign that something is sure to go wrong. We are sweating our bootys off in the back of the plane...the air wasn't on yet...and we got to the end of the runway only to find out that one plane was broken and we had to turn around. We went back to the terminal and I ran into my friend Trisha. She and her kiddos were going to try and get on her husband, Ryan's, flight. I was excited to have a familiar face now to travel with.

On the bus headed to the plane. Do you think he is excited?

We are now attempting our second airplane and it is now getting dark. Jackson was driving me up the wall asking me when we were going to get to "galaum". I think that was the worst part. I couldn't leave that terminal to go back home or I would have a crying child on my hands. We got onto the second plane, and we are again sweating, only to find out that this plane is not going to be able to take off either. While our lovely crew tried to find us another flight, Ryan let Jackson up into the cockpit and let him sit in the seat. That made his day! The crew found us our last and final flight for the day(nice to have friends in the cockpit!). So at 9:00 pm that night we finally took off and were headed to Guam.

In our seat. Ready to go!!

Oh how he LOVED those ear plugs!

When we landed at about 1am Guam time, Steve was there waiting for us. We were excited to see him and anxious for bed and sleep. Mommy was TIRED!!!

Precious cargo!

More to come with photos of our time there!

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