Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Jackson has been obsessed with babies ever since we were out at Courtney's when Emma was born. He liked that Kate had a baby that she carried about so I thought that he would like it if I found him a boy baby doll. I went on a hunt while I was at my parents but could not find any boy babies. That is one of the problems with being a mother of a boy, you have a minimum section of boy dolls and the girls clothes are so much cuter than boys. Oh well!! I was able to order him a doll online through Cabbage Patch. I found him a cute bald baby with big blue eyes...much like Jackson. I had it delivered to my parents house and Jackson was so cute when I gave him the baby. He was so excited and hugged the baby and gave him a kiss.
Jackson riding in his "car" with the baby!
He even let Kate into the car for a ride!

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