Sunday, May 10, 2009

College Graduate!

We were so glad that we could be with Joe on his graduation from ECU. I know how much he is glad to be done with school. He graduated with a degree in Recreation and Park Management and after a summer internship at Camp Seagull he will have a diploma in his hand. YEAH!! I am so proud of you Joe. I know we have both taken a little longer to finish than most but it isn't about the length of the race but about the finish. Welcome to the finish line. I can't wait to see where you go from here. Have a great time this summer and enjoy yourself.

Jackson was so excited to cheer for Uncle Wo Wo! Kate and Jackson I think had more fun running around in the lobby chasing each other than they did watching the ceremony. They have a great time together and love each other very much. I am so excited that we will be living close to them in Okinawa. We did not get to grow up around any of our cousins and we only really got to see each other at family reunions. It is going to be different for Jackson, Kate, and Emma and I am so very excited for all of them to get to experience life in another country together. We were so glad that Joe's graduation could bring everyone together.
Notice Jackson isn't looking at the camera. There were way too many people to check out!

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