Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bubba and Hu-nee

I apologize for not writing sooner! We spent three weeks with the Honey and Papa and Jackson was in hog heaven. He spent mornings with Papa making pancakes followed by breakfast a couple of hours later with Honey. He loved running errands with Papa. We went to a baseball game, the park, did a lot of shopping and hung out around the house. Another reason that we went out there was that Joe was graduating from college and we went to see him get that diploma. We are so very proud of him.

Jackson could not say Honey while we were there but just yesterday he was about to say it and Honey was able to hear sounds like Hun-nee. Imagine Forrest Gump!! Jackson can say Papa's name but it comes out Bubba. Jackson enjoyed listening to the Irish Rovers with Papa every day. Papa even made a copy of the cd for us to take home and Jackson listens to it in the car. When the music comes on he yells out Bubba! Jackson also likes to point out all red trucks...since Papa has a red truck, every red truck we pass he again yells out Bubba. Every morning when Jackson ate breakfast with Honey he would eat some of "Honey's toast". Now when I give him toast he points to it and says Honey. And when I pour him juice he calls it Bubba juice. He also has a book about the ABC's of baseball and in the back of the book is a picture of Yogi Berra and to Jackson it looks like Bubba. Every time Jackson puts his hat on Jackson has to let me know that the hat is like Bubba's. I think that Bubba has a fan!!

Papa also worked with Jackson on his ABC's. Jackson can repeat all the letter of the alphabet now. We can't wait to see him learn so much more. Honey is working with him on his 123's. He can repeat 1 and 2 so we will have to see. He talks more than ever. We just can't keep him quiet he loves to hear his own voice.

While we were in NC Courtney and the girls we able to come out for a week and Jackson and Kate were in heaven again hanging out with each other. The loved taking baths with Honey and going on walks with Papa. Jackson just learned to say Emma's name yesterday also...he calls her Memma. He is not going to know what to do with himself when he is able to see Kate whenever he wants!

Jackson's favorite foods right now are Almonds...when he sees the jar he say "utt ease" and he will sit down and snack away. He also is in love with V8 fruit fusion juice. When he wants something out of the refrigerator he will go over to the door and hang on it. He hasn't learned to open it yet but he will throw a huge fit if he doesn't get what he wants. He has learned to open the front door of the TLF...we have had to start using the latch at the top of the door to keep him in. Even with the latch it will crack a bit and he will try his hardest to look around it to see if there is anyone outside. He loves to see our neighbors Sara and Lyssa and their dogs Maddie and Riley or as Jackson would say Ma-tee and Ry-Ry. He is so cute. One of my favorite things that he has started to do is when he sees us he will wave so hard with one arm and then which his arms and he has the biggest smile on his face. He loves to point out ALL airplanes and now can say airplane...makes Daddy so happy! Steve asked him the other day where the sky was and he pointed up and then asked him where the ground was and got down and patted the sidewalk. I know I am biased but he is so smart!

Jackson is just so much fun right now and we are enjoying every minute of him.

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